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Like best: This is a lovely drink with many organoleptic attributes - the smell is divine, the taste is rich and delightful and the sensation the ginger gives you at the back of your throat as you drink it is lovely and leaves you wanting more. I have already recommended this drink to many friends. You have got to try it. The health benefits of the drink alot speak for themselves. I have met the founder of the drink and she is a genuine and lovely person and I want to wish her and her lovely family all the best in this business adventure and wish them God riches blessing and may God bless everything their hands touch ❤️

Would recommend: Yes


I have gifted the wine to several people who have all loved it. It reminds them of what family members used to make when they were little, and they haven’t been able to get hold of anything comparable until they tried this! Highly recommend to everyone, and have repurchased several times. ollow


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